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Take the helm.

We’re not asking you to follow. We’re empowering you to lead.

As a member of our Mergers & Acquisitions team, you’re among the next generation of leaders at West Monroe. Together, we’ll leverage our uncommon blend of skills to lead our clients to brave summits, our company to new heights, and your career to places you never imagined it could go.

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Along the way, we’ll face a series of uncommon challenges:

  • Our team will conduct deep diligence into the market, operational, and technological dynamics of a transaction, identifying key risks and opportunities for our clients’ investments.
  • We’ll design business and technology architectures, implementing critical technologies – bringing together data and software to integrate enterprise business processes.   
  • We’ll plan and execute carve-outs and divestitures – creating fully functional, standalone entities with self-sufficient operations. Even better, our signature, streamlined carve-out program CORE (Carve Out Readiness & Execution) is designed to help organizations minimize risk, decrease timelines, and lower costs.
  • We’ll manage post-merger integration for companies to help them realize the financial benefits of the transaction.

Think you're ready for it?

View all Mergers & Acquisitions job openings >

Meet Jon Magin, a Senior Manager in West Monroe’s Mergers & Acquisitions practice, based in Seattle. Jon leverages experiences he has gained working on transformational initiatives across many industries and project types and uses the lessons learned to offer new views to clients. Learn more about Jon's Uncommon Blend.

Take the Journey

Imagine…you just joined our Mergers & Acquisitions team. Maybe you’re a Senior Architect, diving into our technology diligence projects. Maybe you’re a Manager, taking the helm, leading our teams as we serve both corporate and private-equity clients across the globe. Or maybe you’ll fulfill one of the many other roles that, together, form our uncommon blend.

Whatever path you take, you’re about to embark on an uncommon journey. Along the way, you’ll encounter uncommon challenges… and together, we’ll discover uncommon rewards. 

All set? Let’s get to work. Note: This journey is different for everyone, but yours may look something like this…

Day 1: Meet the blend.

The moment you arrive at West Monroe, it’s clear that you’re not alone.

Shadowing, onboarding, orientation: You’re a key part of our blend – and we’ll help you adjust to the new setting. You’ll have ample time to master your role, grow your skills and learn what it means to be part of our “Dare to be Great” culture.

Remember: This is your journey. But it’s our challenge.

Day 11: Accept your first challenge.

Today, you’re briefed on your first challenge as a member of our team.

An organization is about to acquire a competitive healthcare firm. But first, they want to know exactly what they’re buying — and it will take an uncommon blend of skills to find the answer. That’s where we come in.

Together, we’ll assess the resource, operational, and technological readiness of the target company, evaluating the scalability of the organization’s assets to support a transaction. Then, we’ll conduct deep diligence – identifying transaction risks, synergies and integration costs. And since we know that healthcare businesses are especially vulnerable to digital threats, our team will use all of our talents to audit the firm’s cybersecurity.

This requires as much business expertise as technological fluency.

It’s what we call an uncommon challenge. And as a member of West Monroe, it’s the sort of challenge you’ll encounter every day. 

Day 35: Keep it steady. 

The mission may be accomplished, but our work is far from over.

Your first project, the healthcare integration, is off to a great start. From due diligence to planning and execution, our team is helping the client navigate a difficult path in a short period of time. The result is a seamless integration experience.

Now, it’s time to keep it that way.

As part of our “Steady State” service, we’ll continue to optimize the integrated organization, improve their performance, and help them capitalize on their investment.

Day 40: Lead the leaders. 

Thought leadership is the currency of consultancy.

Today, our team is tasked with creating a piece of literature for current clients, potential customers and our own employees. The topic? Cybersecurity.

Pooling all the insight we’ve gathered from M&A cases (including the ongoing healthcare project), we’ll create a collaborative whitepaper – a piece of thought-leadership that’s valuable to all business leaders. 

Maybe it’ll look something like this.

Day 45: On to our next challenge. 

It’s a new day, which means a new challenge at West Monroe. This time, the challenge is a software acquisition. How do we help a newly merged company realize the benefits of their transaction? How do we collaborate with their management teams to find solutions that work for everyone? And what emerging technologies will shape the solution?

As a member of our Mergers & Acquisitions team, you’ll always be answering challenges with a blend of business acumen and technological expertise. But those challenges shift dramatically from one moment to the next. The key is to use your knowledge and creative instinct to guide our clients through a difficult process… to remember your essential role in our uncommon blend…

…and to always dare to be great.  

Are you up for the challenge?

Take a look at the available careers below. West Monroe just might be the place for you.

  • Manager - In this dynamic role, you’ll work with our national M&A practice to service both corporate and private-equity clients.
  • Senior Manager - In this leadership position, you’ll guide our team through operational and technological assessment.

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