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Operations Excellence Careers

Making change: Our clients. Your career.

Assess business obstacles. Break through adoption barriers. Work side-by-side with clients to develop and implement transformative technologies and processes. Manage complex programs. Our clients are asking you to do all of this, every day. You’ll face unique challenges, requiring an uncommon blend of business savvy and technical expertise. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Our promise: We encourage you to pursue your passion, never stop learning, and become a subject matter expert in areas that excite you. We’re looking for tech- and people-savvy business leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to interact with stakeholders and decision makers. 

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Want to transform your career? Let’s talk about transforming companies.

As the optimization engine of West Monroe, Operations Excellence is dedicated to breaking through barriers to transformative change within our clients.

Our Operations Excellence practice boasts industrial engineers and Lean practitioners, experts in change management and sustainability, ERP technologists, supply chain management and back-office experts, and seasoned business analysts and program managers. As part of our Operations Excellence team, you’ll help companies maximize productivity by designing and implementing process improvements supported by innovative technology.

You’ll go beyond merely making recommendations or pointing to best practices. You’ll roll up your sleeves and implement new processes leveraging “best of breed” technologies, help teams maximize productivity and profitability, support and lead complex programs, and assist employees in understanding the need for change within an organization. For example:

  • Our workforce optimization experts help clients obtain 100 percent productivity from 100 percent of their workforce. We employ talented industrial engineers and Lean practitioners who are experts in maximizing employee efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.
  • Our ERP consultants help growing and transforming enterprises achieve their business goals through efficient and informed application of ERP technology and best practices in processes such as accounting, procurement, and human capital management.
  • Organizational change management (OCM) can help an organization grow and thrive - but many companies don’t know how to adapt. West Monroe’s OCM team works with organizations to build engagement around critical initiatives.
  • Extended supply chains are being scrutinized more closely than ever. West Monroe works with clients to build or improve a well-designed and efficient supply chain to optimize cost, realize revenue, and mitigate business risk.
  • Program leadership provides proven and practical methods for supporting and managing transformation initiatives and ensuring value realization.
  • Our business innovation teams work within these types of projects, as well as supporting other practices, to identify and build understanding of requirements, optimize processes, and support the selection and implementation of a wide range of industry-leading technologies.

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Be the change you wish to see in the workforce.

As part of the Operations Excellence team, you may focus in one of these areas or develop skills and experience across several. At any given time, you might:

  • Work with a decades-old company that is facing a shortage of skilled labor, to implement new engineered labor standards that will help them do more with less.
  • Help companies assess their management teams through our Manager Effectiveness Blueprint – so managers spend more time managing and less time emailing.
  • Sit down with C-level executives within a growing consumer goods company to design a practical applications strategy and roadmap for implementing a new ERP system.
  • Partner with a food manufacturer to rethink its transportation and delivery model in an era of growing customer demands and going organic – saving them $3 million while maintaining their top-tier customer experience. 
With our combined strength, our goal is to help clients realize the enduring benefits of business, process, and organizational optimization by helping them gain real, sustainable adoption.

Ready to see what your career might look like?

100 Days: Take a glimpse into your first months on the job. 

Our clients' needs change every day - and so do the projects our consultants work on. No two career paths are the same for our staff, just like no two days will be the same. Here’s a glimpse of one consultant’s journey. When you join West Monroe, you’ll create your own!

Day 1: Meet your new work family. 

You’re introduced to the team you’ll collaborate with on a daily basis. You’ll find mentors, partners, and protégés. You’re an integral piece of the puzzle, and we’re glad you’re here. 

Day 5: Jump right in.  

While you learn the ropes, you’re joining an established client team as they meet with a newly carved-out skincare brand to discuss their challenges in setting up their own operations and technologies, including an ERP platform.

Day 30: Accept your next challenge. 

A national food distributor is looking to West Monroe for help in updating their labor standards for the purposes of controlling costs, managing their workforce, and determining incentive pay. This initiative is critical because their workforce is truly the backbone for facility operations. Then, implementation begins, complete with performance management, and change management. 

Day 40: Predict the future.

You’ll partner with our Advanced Analytics team to help your manufacturing client forecast demand and enhance their supply chain to meet growing customer expectations. 

Day 45: Work hard. Play hard. 

It’s time for an all-office meeting. We’ll spend the day highlighting current projects, recognizing our peers for jobs well done, and sharing key employee-owner updates. We’ll end the afternoon with a volunteer opportunity for a cause our staff suggests as part of our 1+1+1 initiative

Day 75: The only constant is change. 

You’re partnering with a bank to implement a new CRM system and treasury management platform. The bank knows they need both tools – but you help them justify the investment, configure the tools to meet business needs, revamp their customer acquisition and servicing processes, and get their employees bought into using the tool through training, change management, and incentives – no easy feat! 

Day 50: Invest in yourself. We'll back you.  

Our consultants have the opportunity to validate their technical know-how with the latest credentials and certifications. Your colleagues are eager to nurture your career and help you expand your knowledge, whether your chosen credential is MOST, PMP, Lean Six Sigma, APICS, or NetSuite.

Day 100: Be the expert

Now that you hold one of these certifications, you want to help other new hires acquire the credential. Host a lunch and learn, sponsored by the company, to share your experience and help others prepare. You might even want to lead a committee, through our “Chiefs” program to formalize training and foster growth of other consultants.

Ready to take on a new challenge? Explore these exciting opportunities.

Friends. Fun. Future.

At West Monroe, we work hard and play hard. We offer you challenging opportunities and the ability to make friends for life. 

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