Career Development

Career Development

An investment in your future.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: A consulting firm is only as good as its people. At West Monroe, we pride ourselves on attracting and retaining the best people. Our deeply rooted values provide a foundation for nurturing employees and helping them grow in their professional and personal journeys.

When you join West Monroe, you’ll start a new chapter with a firm dedicated to professional development. A firm with a comprehensive training curriculum and commitment to personal growth. A firm providing the opportunity to contribute to your community in meaningful ways. A firm allowing the chance to do meaningful work with colleagues you trust and respect. These are just some of the benefits of working with a truly people-first organization. We make a point to learn each individual’s strengths, identify goals, and collaborate to achieve them.

Career Equity: By purpose, not by accident.

Several years ago, our leadership team was drawn to the idea of “career equity,” a framework that provides tools and strategies to keep firms on the path of meaningful growth—and their people on a path toward the careers they envision. The goal of implementing this philosophy is to allow our staff to have open discussions with their career advisors about where they see themselves long-term, and not just professionally.

Most firms apply an annual review cycle where past performance is discussed and goals for the next year are shared—and so do we. However, we take this a step further by facilitating a transparent dialogue on where you see yourself in three years. What are your personal goals? What do you hope to accomplish professionally? Where does West Monroe fit in, and how can we help? We find the most satisfied team members are able to set and meet comprehensive goals, both in their careers and outside the office.

Career Development: An essential piece of “people-first.”

At West Monroe, you’ll be encouraged to write a Career Letter, and share it with your career advisor and other mentors who can guide you on your path. Planning to obtain an MBA from a top school? Dreaming of starting a family and finding the ideal balance of parenting and a fulfilling career? Write it down. Discuss it with your career advisor. We take your goals seriously and want to be sure we’re equipped to help.

Does it sound like this philosophy requires a tremendous amount of trust? That’s because it does. From your first day at West Monroe, you’ll build a relationship with your career advisor that will enable them to nurture your work and personally invest in your development. They are part of your day-to-day work life, but they want to be a part of your future as well.

Let’s be honest: Most consulting firms talk about a people-first culture. At West Monroe, we put that value into practice each and every day, in ways large and small. Career Equity is one way we bring those values to life.

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As a people-first organization, we know that the only way to get there, is TOGETHER. Director of Marketing, Casey Foss, shares how West Monroe worked together with her so she could be there to support a sick loved one, while also still contributing to the organization and remaining part of the workforce.