Interview Process

Interview Process

Tell us what you're all about

The initial step in the interview process is a discussion with a recruiter. We want to get a sense of your career, where you’ve been, your professional accomplishments, interests and aspirations. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions to get more details about the role and what it’s like to work at West Monroe Partners.

Go ahead, brag a little

The next step is a discussion with a member of our practice team. We want to find out about your technical and/or functional experience and expertise in relation to the technologies or functional business areas that we take to market.  We’ll dive deep into the details of the projects that you’ve worked on to better understand the roles you played, your skills, areas of expertise and depth of knowledge.

Be yourself!

Our core values set the tone for our unique culture and work environment and the way we do business every day. This discussion is an opportunity for you to better understand our unique culture. We’ll share what it takes to be successful here and probe to see if what we’ve got to offer aligns with what you’re looking for in your career.

Put on your consultant hat

Our consultants are continually called upon to analyze complex, often ambiguous problems and develop solutions for clients. In this discussion, we want to simulate a client scenario and present you with a client’s business problem. Your objective is to analyze the situation, walk through the issues in a structured manner, and apply the relevant business concepts to drive towards your recommended approach and solution. If you are an experienced professional, you will also need to complete a written deliverable to summarize the case issue, your recommended approach and solution.

Share your stories

The ability to think critically, take initiative, lead and collaborate with others are just some of the key success factors for our consultants. We believe that your past performance is a strong predictor of your future performance. During this discussion, we will ask you to share details about specific projects or assignments you’ve worked on in the past. We want to know what happened, how you approached the situation, your actions as well as the results you achieved.

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