Forget getting coffee. Get experience instead.

At West Monroe, we approach internships differently. We’re not looking for paper-pushers, gophers, or errand-runners. We’re looking for sharp, energetic, ambitious individuals who are serious about taking their first steps in a consulting career. Our 10-week internships include dedicated career advisors to help you identify and pursue your passion, along with a formal review cycle meant to help you land a meaningful consulting career.

To be the best, we need the best.

You won’t be sitting behind a desk filing papers. You’ll be engaged in transformative client projects, with the opportunity to make contributions right away. You’ll have exposure to leaders in our clients’ organizations, and in our own. You’ll be expected to speak up, sharing your knowledge and gaining some along the way. Your West Monroe team and practice area leaders care about your growth and want to help you make the most of this important first step down a consulting career path

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon.

At West Monroe, our goal is to extend job offers to interns who’ve proven to be the best and brightest. Many of our interns find that, over the course of their work at West Monroe, we’ve built a mutually beneficial relationship that they want to continue in a full-time capacity.

A Meaningful Internship Program

At West Monroe Partners, our goal is to foster the kind of engaging, collaborative, mindful learning environment that encourages our interns to come work with us. And with about 80% of our interns becoming full-time hires, it appears to be working. 

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Featured Internship Blogs

Read blogs written by former West Monroe interns to learn more about what it's like to intern here. 

Think consulting might be right for you?

A West Monroe internship is a great way to find out—and you’ll need to know some of our buzzwords. Check out this brief glossary:

Review Cycle

Your internship doesn’t end with a pat on the back (although you’ll probably get one of those, too). Our program concludes with valuable feedback designed to help you in the next phase of your journey, wherever that might take you. Your career advisors and project team will give you a formal review to assist you in becoming the best consultant you can be. 

Career Advisor

A dedicated, experienced professional who is invested in your career growth. They’re an expert in the field and want to show you the ropes. Not only will they oversee your work, but they’ll be a mentor, a sounding board, and maybe even a friend. 

Intern Onboarding

West Monroe’s own official training program, where you’ll learn the strategies that have made us a top consultancy. You’ll collaborate with your internship class, meet our leadership team, and take away valuable insights from real-life projects of all sizes and across industries. 

Service Event

We strongly believe in bettering the communities in which we work and live, and we want team members who share that belief. You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference to a local cause while spending time with your fellow interns having fun, and doing good. 

Practice Area

Technical whiz kid? Supply chain guru? Practice areas are unique business functions that align with our consultants’ areas of focus and subject matter expertise. At West Monroe, we want tech-savvy business leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to be an expert in their chosen field. When you begin your internship with West Monroe, you’ll join a practice area that will provide the most educational opportunities based on your field of study. 


A consulting career requires more than just brainpower. To make the most impact for our clients, we leverage proven strategies that are repeatable and can be systematically applied across different projects. You’ll have the opportunity to learn critical business or technical methodologies from the professionals who designed them. 

Sounds different, doesn’t it? If West Monroe sounds like it might be a good fit for your consulting internship experience, look into our campus visit schedule.